Crypto Content Creator ‘Bitboy’ Ben Armstrong Sues Former Colleagues at Hit Network

Crypto Content Creator ‘Bitboy’ Ben Armstrong Sues Former Colleagues at Hit Network

Crypto content creator ‘Bitboy’ Ben Armstrong has filed a lawsuit against his former colleagues at crypto-focused media outlet Hit Network.

Armstrong’s suit, filed in the Southern District of Florida, names three co-defendants: Raj Paul, Anthony Scarano, and their company Immunity, LLC. Armstrong alleges that the trio “conspired to interfere with Mr. Armstrong’s work and business activities in an effort to create an opportunity for themselves to seize control of Hit Network” and “attempted to remove [Armstrong] from receiving compensation and business opportunities that he would have otherwise received.”

Armstrong also claims that he was “locked out” of Hit Network’s website, and that he “lost the business opportunity to negotiate an investment” in the company due to their actions. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for the lost opportunity.

Armstrong is known in the crypto community as “the one-man crypto media empire” and his YouTube channel boasts over 300,000 subscribers. He launched Hit Network with Scarano last December before splitting ways with the company in March. Rashpal Kaler, founder of Bittrex Global, is now the sole owner of Hit Network.

The lawsuit filed by Armstrong is a reminder of the vulnerability and risk content creators face when working with larger entities. Content creators often forego legal protections in order to take advantage of opportunities with larger firms, leaving them exposed to potential exploitation. Blockchain-based content platforms such as Steem and Voice offer more safeguards for content creators, but it often takes time for creators to become aware of these alternatives.