Bullish Brazilian Bank Nubank Adds Five More Altcoins to Banking App

Bullish Brazilian Bank Nubank Adds Five More Altcoins to Banking App

Nubank, the Brazilian payment platform, has added support for five more cryptocurrencies on its banking app. These altcoins will join Nubank’s current offering of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and are available for purchase and storage through the banking app.

The five new altcoins include Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, XRP, Dash, and Tezos. This allows Nubank customers to purchase, store, and manage these assets via the banking app. Additionally, customers can transfer funds from their accounts to cryptocurrency wallets, allowing them to trade and sell cryptocurrencies online.

The addition of these altcoins is a positive development for the Brazilian cryptocurrency market, as it provides users with more options when it comes to investing and trading digital assets. It also represents a broadening of the financial world, as Brazilian users now have access to a wider range of financial services and products than they have in the past.

Nubank CEO David Vélez has expressed his enthusiasm for the new cryptocurrency development. He commented: “We believe that users must have access to the best possible products and services, and be able to use them in their daily lives. The addition of these five new cryptocurrencies strengthens our commitment to democratize access to financial services for everyone.”

The addition of these altcoins represents a major step forward for the Brazilian crypto industry. It shows that local companies are willing to invest in and develop the financial world, offering users more buying and trading options and deepening the country’s infrastructure for cryptocurrency.