Palestinian American family mourns 42 relatives killed in a single day in Gaza

Palestinian American family mourns 42 relatives killed in a single day in Gaza

The tragic news that forty-two family members had died in a single day in the Gaza Strip was heartbreaking to many people around the world, but especially to the family of American-Palestinian descent residing in the United States. Experiencing this tragedy first-hand from a relative distance, the family was able to reflect on the devastating loss of so many of their beloved family members.

The father of the family, who was living in Virginia at the time, said his heart was broken by the unfathomable loss he was feeling. He described his grief as being unbearable and unremitting – adding that “it felt like a nightmare”.

Speaking through great tears, the father also stated that he had not been able to contact any of their relatives since the attack occurred as all communications to the Gaza strip had been shut down – leaving the family with no possibility of finding out whether their relatives were okay or not.

The family spoke of how the deaths of 42 of their relatives made them feel less fortunate than ever before as the entire family was deeply affected by the tragedy. They also mentioned the immense political unrest occurring in Palestine as war and violence seem to be recurring issues increasingly experienced by the citizens of Palestine.

The family was grateful for the support they received from friends and family all across the United States, expressing their sadness and shock regarding the incident. With this, the family hoped that their lost relatives will one day have justice served. The family sought solace by coming together and standing in solidarity for their family members who were lost in this devastating event.