Ramaswamy campaign hauls in $7.4M during the past three months

Ramaswamy campaign hauls in $7.4M during the past three months

The Ramaswamy campaign announced today that it has raised $7.4 million in the past three months.

The funds were raised from both small-dollar donations and larger ones from large donors, including major Silicon Valley companies and tech industry figures.

The funds will be used to help fund the campaign’s operations, pay for advertising, and travel for the candidate and her staff.

The Ramaswamy campaign has now raised more than $12 million since the start of its campaign last year.

This amount far exceeds the initial fundraising goal of $3 million set by the campaign when it started.

The fundraising haul is a strong sign that Ramaswamy’s campaign is gaining momentum and that her message of a “better future” is resonating with her supporters.

It also gives the campaign a significant financial boost at a critical time. With the California primary election coming up in March, the extra funds will help the campaign to launch a stronger outreach and persuasion push leading up to the election.