Pro-Crypto Super PAC Fairshake Raises $78 Million Ahead of 2024 US Elections

Pro-Crypto Super PAC Fairshake Raises $78 Million Ahead of 2024 US Elections

In a major boost ahead of the 2024 US elections, the pro-crypto Super PAC Fairshake has announced that it has raised $78 million from private donations to support the election process. The Super PAC, which was founded in 2021, is a political action committee focused on advocating for the pro-crypto industry and the free market principles it upholds.

The $78 million was raised through contributions from some of the biggest names in the crypto space, including Coinbase, Circle, Ripple, Blockchain Capital, and Coinbase Ventures. In addition, the Super PAC has the support of top politicians and their advisors, as well as lobbyists and investors.

Fairshake has labeled itself as a ‘free speech’ Super PAC, and plans to use the money to fund pro-crypto candidates at the local, state and federal levels. It will also use the funds to promote the pro-crypto agenda to the American public, in order to build support and understanding of the digital asset industry.

The $78 million raised for the Super PAC follows news last month that the number of Americans owning cryptocurrency had nearly doubled in the last six months, with 46 percent of all US adults now owning some form of digital asset. This increasing interest in digital assets has paved the way for more political initiatives, such as the ones that Fairshake is set to launch.

With the fundraising achievement, Fairshake looks primed to be an influential force in the upcoming 2024 US Election cycle as it works to promote the pro-crypto message and continue the progress the industry has made in recent years.