# wordBot

Wordbot is a multiplayer game for 2 players, running in a console. The goal of the game is to come up with a word that contains the previous word in a given set of letters.

The game first prompts the players to enter their names, then take turns to pick out a letter from the given set and come up with a word that contains the previously entered word.

The game will display a message with the word and letter in each turn, and a score will be increment in each turn.

## MVP

– Players must be able to enter their names.
– Players must be able to pick a letter from a set of letters.
– They must be able to enter the word formed with that letter.
– There must be a score for each player.

## Extensions

– There will be a timer for each turn (60 seconds).
– Each turn the set of available letters are updated.
– Ability to save previous games.
– There must be a a user interface for the game.
– Add timer game mode.

## Data Structure

let player1 = {
name: String,
score: int
let player2 = {
name: String,
score: int
let gameData = {
letters: String[],
turncount: Int,
history: String[]
let languageData = {
listLength: Int


## Setup

The project files consist of `app.js`, `utilities.js` , `words.js`, and `words_dictionary.js`.

`app.js` is the main file that includes the script for the game
`utilities.js` includes the helper functions used in the game
`words.js` is an array of words taken from the dictionary
`words_dictionary.js` includes all the words that will be compared against

The project uses [Node.js](https://nodejs.org/en/) to run.

## How to run

Clone the game first in a folder with git: `$ git clone https://github.com/gquibes/wordBot`

In the terminal navigate to the project file and run the command `$ node app.js`

## Screenshots

![Alt text](https://media.giphy.com/media/JPNoDKKV5U9ruF6ItG/giphy.gif)

## Tech Stack

– Node.js
– JavaScript