China escapes unscathed following world leaders UN summit: ‘Exhaustion has set in’

China escapes unscathed following world leaders UN summit: ‘Exhaustion has set in’

There is a feeling of relief in China as the world leaders’ UN summit wrapped up without a major incident. After 18 days of intense negotiation, reports suggest that both sides have reached an agreement to pursue multilateralism and safeguard international cooperation.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed satisfaction with the result of the summit, saying that “through the consensus reached here, the exhaustion has set in and the world has reset and returned to a peaceful state.”

China is no stranger to discord at the UN, and past UN summits have seen Chinese representatives clash with Western countries, including the US and EU. This year, China managed to avoid any major diplomatic incidents, likely due to the moderating influence of China’s host, Russia.

This year’s meeting was undoubtedly influenced by running tensions between China and the US. On the one hand, some China analysts felt that it was important for China to demonstrate its commitment to multilateralism, while on the other, it was important for the US and other Western countries to see that China was not imposing itself on global affairs.

While some commentators have suggested that the summit was merely a symbolic gesture, it appears that China is nevertheless content with the outcome, with Wang describing the consensus as a victory for China and the rest of the world. He also highlighted the importance of upholding international rules in order to “protect the development and security needs of all countries”.

For now, it appears that China has escaped unscathed following the world leaders’ summit. This outcome serves as a reminder that while powerful nations are capable of achieving consensus through dialogue, such negotiations can be exhausting and lengthy. Nevertheless, it is a reminder that diplomacy is still the best way to resolve international issues.