Guatemalan president-elect suspends presidential transition process

Guatemalan president-elect suspends presidential transition process

Guatemala’s president-elect Alejandro Giammattei has suspended the presidential transition process due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Giammattei announced the suspension of the presidential transition process in a statement on Sunday. He laid out his determination to prioritize public health in the face of rising coronavirus cases in Guatemala.

In his statement, Giammattei said that due to the current health emergency, he and other government officials have decided to pause the transition process, which officially began in September. He also stated that any activities related to the transition process will be postponed until the pandemic is brought under control.

Giammattei is set to take office on January 14, 2021. His decision to suspend the presidential transition process will likely make it difficult for him to get up to speed in his new role.

While Guatemala has not yet declared a nationwide lockdown, the government has implemented various restrictions in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. These include limiting the size of allowed public gatherings, suspending the sale of alcohol for 15 days, and implementing a nationwide curfew. The country has also launched multiple campaigns to promote public health practices such as regular handwashing and wearing masks.