Gaza hospital blast: Here’s what we know

Gaza hospital blast: Here’s what we know

On May 12th, a powerful explosive ripped through a residential neighborhood in Gaza City, killing at least 24 people and injuring 122 more. The blast was one of the biggest explosions to hit Gaza in years.

The cause of the explosion remains unknown. The Palestinian Health Ministry stated that the explosion was caused by a ‘mysterious technical fault’ after a fire broke out in one of the buildings, while local authorities believe it was caused by a targeted attack.

The building which was destroyed by the blast was a three-story apartment complex that housed at least 11 families. The blast damaged other homes and businesses in the area.

The Gaza Health Ministry declared a state of emergency and opened a hospital to treat the injured. A number of victims were transferred to nearby hospitals.

The Palestinian Authority has promised a full investigation into the cause of the blast. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the explosion.